My second blog post

May 14, 2018

tags: powershell 

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Written by Chris Odegard

Today I made some major changes to the content of the home page. It’s been the same for several years and, while I’d like to make it a little more stupendous, I have not yet been able to find the time for it.

Meanwhile, I have been doing lots of interesting things with SharePoint and PowerShell, and writing a ton of literature and scripts to help my own learning. I would like to start posting some of those here, as as a way to help others learn and also pad out this site, which is painfully thin on content.

One thing I learned today is that, when you are referencing SharePoint List items in PowerShell, you use brackets to get the item’s properties, and name each column by its `DisplayName`.

For example:

$web = Get-SPWeb ""
$list = $web.Lists[ "Cool List" ]

$item = $list.Items[ 0 ]

Write-Host $item[ 'Modified' ]