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June 02, 2020

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Written by Chris Odegard
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Modifying the GPS coordinates of a File

You can view the location data for a file with the withLocation=1 query parameter in a GET request like in the examples below:


This will return the location field, which can be empty or have pre-existing data:

"location": {},


"location": {
  "street": "",
  "latitude": 51.596545,
  "postal_code": "",
  "state": "",
  "street_number": "",
  "city": "",
  "longitude": -0.194402777789,
  "google_id": "",
  "country": "",
  "address": "",
  "name": ""

Everything other than the latitude and longitude can be ignored as they are not actually used in OA at the moment.

To modify the latitude and longitude you can perform a PUT request to a file with a particular id with the new latitude and longitudes.



  • just the files endpoint will require the file id. the example uses 614 as a placeholder
    id: 614,
    location: {
      latitude: 51.596545,
      longitude: -0.194402777789,


    "location": {
        "latitude": 51.596545,
        "longitude": -0.194402777789

Replacing a file

The process for replacing a file with the REST API is similar to the process for uploading a file. Instead of performing a POST, you will need to perform a PUT on the file id that you want to replace.

Here is the documentation for uploading a new file:

Please note that you need to use Form-data in your request with the file and _jsonBody parameters. The original_filename in the _jsonBody needs to be exactly the same as the file being used for the uploading.

Below is an example of this PUT request being carried out on a file with the id of 635:

_jsonBody: [{
    "original_filename": "Jabberwocky_003.jpg"

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