Returning to Music Production

October 02, 2021

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Written by Chris Odegard
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A long time ago, I used to spend a lot of time producing music on my Macbook Pro with Logic. At some point I stopped making music, probably because I was spending more time on JavaScript and other codey things, and for a while all my creative energy went into that. But today I return to the old hobby. I bought Fruity Loops Studio (because I no longer have access to Mac OS) and dug up my old folder full of samples and breakbeats that used to be the starting point for all my music. Now I just need to learn this DAW I’ve never really used before…

I also learned that I have had an account on Bandcamp since 2012 but it had been hacked and overtaken by miscreants in 2017. So now I’ve cleaned it up and posted the tracks for Beat Pizza, one of my EP’s from 2010, and the only EP for which I actually saved the full-quality output files. Regrettably, I lost most of my original Logic files when the Macbook Pro’s hard drive crashed, at a time when I was not keeping multiple backup copies of important stuff.

Since I have literally hundreds of songs already produced, I am also considering publishing my work to Spotify, etc. using a service like CD Baby. However, much of my music is heavily derived from samples and other copyrighted work, so it may be prohibitively expensive or time consuming for me to publish anything.

If/When I do publish my music it will be under the name Ciaervo since Esses is already taken and never really felt right anyway. Plus, I already own the domain so it’s kind of perfect, branding-wise.

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